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About Us

Ironside Designer Homes is a Brisbane based building design practice, creating stunning and thoughtfully considered residential design projects.


Our expertise lies in the creation of unique living environments that capture the spirit of Queensland's sub-tropical lifestyle. We are dedicated to the development of designs that artfully harmonise the allure of natural materials, sustainability, and practical liveability, all with the ultimate aim of enhancing the well being of our valued clients.


Leading the team is Josh Ironside, a talented building designer with over 20 years of design knowledge and practical experience. His enthusiasm lies in meticulously crafting elegant family homes, a pursuit he shares with clients who echo his commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality and collaborative effort. Josh seamlessly integrates this fervor with his extensive design experience, boasting a diverse portfolio spanning from the upper reaches of North Queensland all the way to northern New South Wales. This journey reflects not only his design proficiency but also his adeptness at fostering collaborative relationships to bring our clients visions to life.



Our boutique Paddington studio boasts a wealth of varied experiences and a receptive approach towards every project. We thrive on collaboration, recognising that it's the foundation of a successful project. Throughout the entirety of a project, we commit our skills to understanding and giving precedence to our clients' desires and ambitions.

Our dedicated team of designers and technicians in our Brisbane studio take pride in crafting residences that elevate the quality of living through thoughtful design and impeccable execution.

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