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How long does the design and planning process take?

After our initial consultation, we can gather all the information we can to formalise your project scope of works. This will be the reference point to all planning and design decisions made for your project. From here we can better understand the scale and complexity of the project to provide expected time frames. As an example, a custom new build project in Brisbane which requires Town Planning and DA approval could take anywhere from 4-6 months depending on the size and customisation of the proposed development. We will work with all parties involved to ensure that the design and planning process is progressing as scheduled.


How much do you charge for design and planning services?

This all depends on the size, complexity, and type of project you’re looking to undertake. As a general rule of thumb, a custom new build or renovation design project in Brisbane could cost anywhere from 3-5% of the construction cost. For example, a $1M construction budget could cost between $30-50K for our concept designs and required documentation for planning and construction. On top of this we would need to include all external professional fees that are required for the project which are outlined below. These fees could be in the vicinity of 2% of the construction cost.


After our initial consultation we will provide you with a formal fee proposal which will outline all expected design fees, professional fees, and expected time frames for every stage of the design and planning process.


It is important to note we are professional building designers, and the entire design and planning process takes a lot of time, knowledge and involvement to ensure the project is completed to the highest quality and standards.


What other services are required for planning?

This will depend on the type of project you’re looking to undertake. Once we have defined your project scope of works, we can assess what planning professionals we will need to engage outside of our building design services. We have contacts for every stage of planning and design, so you won’t need to worry about the hassle of sourcing these professionals. Generally for most projects as a minimum we will need your site surveyed, the proposed structure engineered, and the development certified for BA (Building Approval). Outside of this and depending on your property overlays we may require DA Application, Hydraulic Report, QUU applications, Landscape Design and more.


This might sound overwhelming for most homeowners but for us, planning and design is our forte, we do it every day. We have developed a network of professionals over the past 20 years and know exactly what to expect for every type of project. We are with you every step of the way on your design project.


Do you work with any builders that you could recommend?

We certainly do. We have the pleasure of working with some talented builders in Brisbane and we can recommend quite a few. During the design process we can meet with one of our builders for a chat so they can review the proposed design, and provide advice on budget feasibility and construction practicality.


When can we meet to discuss our design project?

Right now! We’re happy to discuss anything else that might be unanswered or if you have any general design queries. Our office is located in Paddington for a face-to-face consultation, or we can meet at your home. Call our friendly staff on (07) 3040 9255 or email us at we’ll be more than happy to arrange an appointment.

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