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New Home &
Renovation Designs


Specialising in custom-designed homes, we offer top-tier residential building design services throughout Brisbane. If you're in search of a building designer or architect in Brisbane, you've uncovered Queensland's best-kept secret. Our focus is solely on residential projects, refining our skills specifically for the modern family home.


While custom designer homes are our passion, our expertise extends beyond. Whether it's a small renovation or a grand luxury abode, we're equipped to tackle residential projects of any size and scale. Let us bring your vision to life with precision and creativity.

3D Architectural Visualisation

3D architectural visualisation is the creation of a detailed digital replica of your envisioned building or space. It gives you an intricate preview of your project, offering insights into its aesthetics and functionality before physical construction commences.


3D visualisation is advantageous for Visual Clarity. It allows for comprehensive exploration of your project from various perspectives, likened to a virtual walkthrough. This provides early detection of design discrepancies and ensures alignment to our clients vision.


By pre-emptively identifying and rectifying potential issues, 3D visualisation reduces the risk of costly revisions during later stages of development. It also improves visual communication to builders and tradesmen. Conveying intricate design concepts verbally can be challenging. However, with 3D visual aids, you can eloquently articulate your vision to clients, investors, or other stakeholders, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the project's potential.

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Council Planning
& Building Approvals


Ironside Design Homes work directly with our network of town planners and surveyors to help you navigate the regulatory requirements and obtaining necessary approvals for construction projects from local governing bodies or councils.


This typically includes:

  1. Compliance Assessment: Reviewing local zoning regulations, building codes, and planning policies to ensure the proposed design aligns with statutory requirements.

  2. Preparation of Documentation: Generating comprehensive documentation, including architectural drawings, site plans, and other necessary paperwork, to submit to the relevant authorities for approval.

  3. Submission and Negotiation: Liaising with the local council or planning authorities to submit the project proposal and advocating for approval through presentations, meetings, and negotiations.

  4. Approval Procurement: Facilitating the approval process by addressing any concerns raised by authorities, making necessary revisions to the design, and obtaining final consent for construction.

Interior Design &


Ironside Design Homes offer Interior Design services to encompass the enhancement and optimisation of interior spaces within your new home or renovated space.


We collaborate with our clients to develop a cohesive design concept that aligns with your vision, strategically organising interior layouts to maximize functionality and spatial flow, curating a palette of finishes and materials, specifying furniture and fixtures, creating 3D visual representations of the proposed design, and producing detailed documentation to communicate the design intent to builders and tradesmen.

Our Interior Design services aim to create immersive and functional interior environments that enhance the quality of life and contribute to bringing your vision to life.

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